10/12/2010 07:15:54 AM

As a new stat, Mastery is great for some talent specs. It is certain that the team will tweak it for others in a future patch. The masteries of Unholy and Retribution can affect sources of damage that is not competitive enough. Certainly nothing can be made perfect. In some cases it is unavoidable that some items will be made better than others. If you knew every loot drop was certain to be an upgrade, then there isn't much reason to have stats on equipment at all -- you could just reduce everything to "power" that scales with item level.
In the patch beyond Cataclysm, the team is planning to make the primary stats mess with some more offer the choice of Agility versus haste without the former being a no-brainer. Besides, the combat formula will be changed in order to make the secondary stats more attractive.

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