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Please note: Fast network speed is required for downloading. We do not deliver CDs or DVDs.
We offer direct download(FTP/HTTP or BT) of the game. Relative downloading information will be sent to you with your Code. After downloading, you will get an oringinal ISO file which can be burned to DVD. Please note we do not provide support for the game itself.

Product Description
Embark on the myriad journeys of an epic in FINAL FANTASY XIV, the revolutionary MMORPG from Square Enix. As denizens of the new and visually stunning realm of Eorzea, players will actively engage in compelling storylines narrated through high-definition, real-time events featuring the players own highly personalized and versatile characters.

While exploring even the farthest reaches of this magnificent world, adventurers are given the freedom to entirely alter their gameplay experience by simply swapping out equipment, and realize objectives with or without the aid of others. The entire experience is crafted to accommodate the widest variety of play styles-from the lone mercenary with only moments a day to spare, to the legion of comrades campaigning for days on end, and every combination in between.

Join players from around the world in an adventure of infinite possibilities.
The guardian gods and goddesses known as the Twelve watch over the city-states of Eorzea. These tiny nations carved out a history of blood and betrayal, forging and breaking alliances as each warred over territory and sought to impose uncompromising interpretations of their patron deities will.

The fate of the land would, however, soon change. Not fifteen years past, a new threat appeared from the north and east-the mighty Garlean Empire. With its fleets of behemoth airships and warriors brandishing weapons that spewed streams of fire, it crushed Ala Mhigo, the most powerful of the six Eorzean city-states. Galvanized by fear of a common foe, the remaining nations joined in a clandestine alliance. Fortunately, the dreaded invasion never came and an uneasy peace prevailed. Thus it was that Eorzea slipped into the Age of Calm.

As the city-states continued to develop regular standing armies, a growing number of mercenaries and hedge knights found themselves without employment. Concerned at the rise in number of armed men and women resorting to acts of villainy to survive, several respected leaders gathered together to form a network of guilds. The guilds provided these lost souls with the chance to utilize their talents for the benefit of themselves and others.

Through the foresight and resolve of these leaders a new industry had emerged-and the Age of Adventure had begun.

A persistent and evolving world with immersive storylines and well-developed characters
HD-quality, real-time cutscenes
Guild-based activities focused on catering to players with different gaming styles
Both quick and extensive gameplay sessions, accessible in solo and group play
The freedom to entirely alter the gameplay experience by equipping any of a wide array of weapons and tools in the Armoury System, one of the foundations of the FINAL FANTASY XIV experience and the driving force behind character development
A breathtaking musical score by renowned FINAL FANTASY series composer Nobuo Uematsu

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